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This site is about turning inflatable pooltoys into adult lovetoys.

Why? Because I can.

Having fun is important. That's science.
This is all about having fun.
So relax and try it.

How did I come to it? I don't know exactly.
Since I was a young child it was my dream
to have an inflatable dolphin with an SPH (strategically placed hole).
When I grew up I spend months looking for such a toy to buy.
After quite a while I realized: There is none.
So I started R&D and finally build my own. This was about 10 years ago.
Today I got a small workshop, many special tools, masks and construction files.
Every year I build new prototypes, try out new features
and experiment with different ways to provide new and greater pleasures.

These toys are the essence of more than 10 years of experience. They are made to be used.
They are made to feel as good as possible and still preserve the look and feel of a
pooltoy. And now they are made for you.

- aphorx